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Eyebrow Lift

look as young as you feel

Augenbrauen-Lifting Hamburg

Eyebrow Lift

An eyebrow lift is an excellent way to slow down the aging process. The surgery treats common age-related complaints, such as a low, sagging brow or brow asymmetry, resulting in a refreshed look around the eyes as well as softer and smoother skin.

At Esthétique du Nord, we can combine eyebrow lifting with other rejuvenating facial procedures, such as fat transfer to the face or lips, eyelid surgery, or a facelift to enhance the overall result. The surgery is performed through 2 incisions, around 3 cm each in the hairline corresponding to each eyebrow. The stitches are removed after 1 week without leaving a trace.

The surgical technique is ambulatory and could be performed under local or general anesthesia.

1  - 2 Hours


1  - 2 Weeks

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