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Buttocks Filler

Enhance your beauty in just a few simple steps

Buttocks Filler

If you don't have enough fat for a BBL and a buttock implant is not an option for you, Variofill is the answer - a simple and gentle, non-surgical solution.

Variofill is a hyaluronic acid filler to restore volume in the buttocks area. This simple injection procedure is carried out under local anesthesia in combination with twilight sleep. It has many advantages, such as preventing scarring and eliminating the need for general anesthesia.

Image by Jakob Owens

Variofill® for buttock enlargement is developed, packaged and manufactured in Germany and is approved by the German Notified Body, which guarantees the highest quality standards.

Esthétique du Nord is known for its high-quality procedures that provide our clients with lasting results.


1 Hours


0-1 Weeks

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