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Dear Clients,

We would like to give you an initial pricing overview with the following price information. Our experience has shown that we always achieve the best end result for you when we discuss together what you want, what is realistically feasible, and what is financially satisfactory for you.



The first consultation costs 50€. We take the time to discuss your concerns, discuss your wishes, and explain what is needed for the best possible results. The price also includes any other possible pre-operative discussions, as well as contact with you via e-mail and other forms of communication. Consultation appointments can be held by telephone, video, or in person. Costs for post-operative discussions are included in the respective operating package.


Fat augmentation:

We offer fat augmentation starting at 2,000€ for the smallest treatment package, it covers various facial areas. We will be happy to explain the costs for fat augmentation of other body areas to you during the consultation.



The costs for Botox treatments vary depending on the size of the area to be treated and the amount of Botox required. We start at 200€ per area. If additional areas are added, we offer discounts. We offer two areas starting at 300€, three areas starting at 400€, four areas starting at 500€, five areas starting at 600€, and at six areas, we start at 700€.



The costs for hyaluronic fillers are also based on the amount required and start at 250€. The following treatments are available to you:

Lip correction/augmentation

Plissee wrinkles

Nasolabial folds

Cheek augmentation

Nose correction


Chin augmentation






The costs for hyaluronic acid fillers to restore volume in the buttocks area start at 4,500€ and vary depending on the amount of substance required.



The costs for surgical procedures are very different, so we cannot reliably provide any price estimates for guidance at this point. The costs are made up of standardized fixed costs, the surgical effort, the complexity of the procedure, and the material consumption.


We will calculate your individual price package for you and explain the individual components to you. In addition to the actual plastic surgery operation, our price packages include, anesthesia costs, also the individual postoperative care, necessary overnight stays after the operation, and the follow-up treatment including VAT. We are more than happy to discuss possible financing models with you, because your aesthetic satisfaction is our top priority.

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