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Esthétique du Nord belongs to the best of the aesthetic branches in Hamburg and Germany. We care for each one of our clients and we appreciate all reviews and testimonials. Our social media pages cover all our recent activities. Be part of it.




Dr. Walid Eljabu performed a vibration-assisted laser liposuction on me, removing 3000 ml of fat from my thighs and flanks.
He truly understood what was important to me, provided his recommendations, and helped me envision my desired overall body shape. Regardless of his recommendations, I always felt that he completely understood my concerns.
I was worried about whether my thighs would truly be symmetrical. Due to the usual swelling, the results became visible to me after nearly three weeks. The shape of my legs is absolutely symmetrical and beautiful. The proportions match perfectly. My expectations have been surpassed. It fits so wonderfully with me, as if it should have always been this way. I am simply happy and can only express my heartfelt gratitude for the successful outcome

average rating is null out of 5
average rating is null out of 5



I decided to have a breast enlargement using my own fat and didn't regret it. Dr. Eljabu gave me very good advice, of course he also carried out the operation and continued to look after me afterwards. From the first appointment, I felt like I was in good hands with the whole staff is very friendly and attentive. Thank you for everything.


esthetique du nord

Dr Eljabu performed a Rhinoplasty on me, which I am more than satisfied with. He takes great care to ensure that everything runs naturally and smoothly and paid close attention to my wishes. The clinic staff was very friendly and accommodating. You could already see the desired result immediately after the procedure and after 2 weeks everything had healed. Dr Eljabu also asked after the procedure how I was doing and whether I had any questions or concerns. I would be happy to recommend him, he did a really great job, I am really very satisfied.

average rating is null out of 5


esthetique du nord

After intensive preliminary discussions and excellent clarification, I decided to undergo a breast lift procedure, and I would make the same decision again without hesitation. From the initial consultations to the follow-up care, everything was exceptionally well-organized and professionally executed. The results have exceeded all expectations and have brought me immense happiness.

average rating is null out of 5

Melanie H.


I had my consultation appointment for a tummy tuck and liposuction on 07/12/22, which was very detailed! After a few days of reflection, I made my surgery appointment (22.11). Everything was very well organized and ran smoothly. I felt very well looked after right from the start and if there were any questions, you could always contact us! On the day of my surgery, the clinic staff was also very friendly and everything was great. After the procedure, I was already super satisfied with the result and now after 4 weeks, I'm just thrilled with it. I can only recommend Mr. Eljabu and thank him for this already great result, which for me personally is simply a whole new attitude towards life.

average rating is null out of 5

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