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Nose Job

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Nasenkorrektur Hamburg


Trust our highly skilled and experienced surgeons at Esthétique du Nord to create a natural-looking, balanced nose that complements your unique features.

A rhinoplasty procedure treats multiple aesthetic concerns, including a prominent hump on the bridge or a bulbous tip. Furthermore, it can improve your breathing by correcting issues such as a deviated septum or other structural abnormalities in the nose. This can not only improve the quality of life for the client but can also reduce the risk of conditions such as sleep apnea or snoring.

Nose reconstruction after trauma and secondary corrections after previous failed surgeries are among our specialties.

The surgery is ambulant and is performed under general anesthesia. During recovery time, internal and external nasal silicone splints are used for one week to stabilize the results and to secure the breathing canal. Nasal packs are not used.

1  - 4 Hours


1 - 2 Weeks

1 hour

1 hour

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